Tabs & Bamboo Straw TIKTOK Competition

Tabs for Bamboo Straws

Thank You

I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who has donated their tabs to me! I truly was surprised by the amount of tabs yall were able to collect. Thank you to everyone who donated if your package was returned to you due to postage; as a thank you here is a code for 15% off my website Code: Bamboo15

I will be posting a Video of the final donation of me giving your tabs to the Ronald McDonald's House Charity sometime in December or January; it depends on the charities accessibility due to covid. 


I only said there will be 30 winners but ultimately I ended up sending out Bamboo Straws to 80! If you were one of the lucky people featured in my tiktok video’s you should be receiving your straw in the month of December or January. It all depends on the post office. Once it is sent, the control is out of my hands. 

To clear up some confusion each of the winners will be getting just one straw. Some were confused that for every 100 tabs you send me you get another straw. The competition was for sending me at least 100 tabs gets you one straw only. 

I was also running a separate competition that was: Whoever sends me the most tabs gets to pick something off my website. That winner is Ava and she sent me over 18,000 tabs weighing in at 10lbs. 

Lastly, those of you who were featured in my videos as a winner if you do not receive your package by end of Jan. please email me at Note that when you send the email be sure to include your first & last names as well as your address to confirm you are one of the people in my video & to see what was wrong with the address for it not to be delivered properly. 

Future Contests

This contest was done to make a fun way to give to a charity and for me to give back to my followers. I hope to do another contest in the future but this specific contest will not be done again. Please donate your tabs to your Local Ronald McDonald's House Charity.

*Please DO NOT send me anymore tabs