Bamboo Holder Bundle
Bamboo Holder Bundle
Bamboo Holder Bundle
Kawayan Bamboo

Bamboo Holder Bundle

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What's Included:

3 regular sized straws
1 straw cleaner 
1 Bamboo Holder 

The bamboo holder comes from our longest growing stalk. It has reached the height of over 20ft tall! We walk deep into our bamboo to find the right one to cut down.

Our holders start out  green, but with time they do fade to a light green color & even turn into a tan color like the straws in the picture. 

Each holder set is very unique and not one is exactly the same. 


*disclaimer: Kawayan Bamboo products are 100% natural. There is not one that is the same as the other. The products you will receive will not be the exact same as the picture, but it will be very similar. That is what makes Kawayan Bamboo so unique!