Reusable Bamboo Straws- Halloween Theme reusable travel bag


What Included with your Kawayan Bamboo straw bundle:

5 regular size straws 
1 straw cleaner
1 travel bag 

Straw Descriptions:
Regular Straw-Very versatile, fits in most cups and are very easy to carry with you anywhere. 6”-8”
Smoothie Straw - Wider than the regular size straw. Perfect for any thick drink i.e. smoothie, dairy free milk shake, & even boba! 6”-8”
Extra Tall Straw- Perfect for tall tumbler cups and can have the width of the smoothie or regular size straws. 9”-12
Coffee/Cocktail Straw- The cutest little straws you have ever seen! They are not very wide which make them great for coffee or alcohol. 4"-5" 

*disclaimer: Kawayan Bamboo products are 100% natural. There is not one that is the same as the other. The products you will receive will not be the exact same as the picture, but it will be very similar. That is what make Kawayan Bamboo so unique